ShareFile is one of the VDR technology’s representatives, characterized by a straightforward design, numerous convenient functions, and a reasonable price. Read on for the critical features of this software.

Key information about ShareFile

ShareFile is a virtual data room based on cloud technology. To use it, you do not need to download any programs to your computer; open a browser and go to the platform website. This is ideal for small businesses.

The program can work with client data and file storage. Secure work with documents is available: you can upload files, send them to someone from the company’s employees, and give access to your customers, if necessary. In addition, the program can leave electronic signatures on documents.

All company employees can work with documents in real-time: you can jointly edit files, leave comments to each other about possible edits, and also leave virtual signatures that carry legal force. The software is available on any device.

If you are very worried about the security of your documents, then you can relax here: all data is transmitted through secure and encrypted gateways. No one can intercept the data, both from within and from the outside. Security protocols correspond to those for virtual banking.

ShareFile service cost

As mentioned above, ShareFile is ideal for small and medium businesses. This service costs $10 per user per month (if the company employs up to 5 employees). For every five employees, additional features can be unlocked for $15 per month.

If your team has more than five people, then the program cost will be $24 for each of them.

Despite the fact that the program involves paid plans, you can try it for free. The site offers the opportunity to issue a demo version. There you get full access to the services to evaluate the quality of the data room and try out all its features. You can use the free version of the program for 30 days. This is more than enough to try all its features and see if you like this software.

ShareFile Key Benefits

The ShareFile virtual data room has several notable advantages, namely:

  • An excellent web interface can be compared with a few other software. Although you can download the desktop version of the program, it will feel a little rough and awkward compared to the web version.
  • Enhanced security protocols are used here, and data room administrators can flexibly control employee access and rights. Every little thing here can be customized to the needs of the company. This allows you to keep documents protected from theft and, at the same time, creates a collaborative environment.
  • Integration with other services. In particular, users note the very successful integration of ShareFile with the Outlook product.
  • There is a connectors feature that is quite useful for large enterprises.

And there is also the ability to connect to other cloud platforms and create a vast data environment where everyone can share and share them.